Sunday, March 28, 2010

Endangered Species

Prof. Liwayway Memije-Cruz

Endangered species are those that are presently in such small numbers that they are in immediate jeopardy of becoming extinct. Threatened species could become extinct if a critical factor in their environment were changed.

Scientists ranked “species extinction and over loss of biodiversity” as one of our greatest environmental problems, and Time magazine referred to the staggering loss of biological diversity as the “death of birth.”

The main threats to biodiversity arise from loss of habitat and disruption of ecosystems due to pressure of growing populations and unsustainable resource use. The most important causes of extinction related to human activity involve habitat alteration for clearing and burning of forests. exploitative and illegal logging, fuel wood collection, encroachment, wetland conversion, degradation of grasslands, inappropriate development in coastal areas and urbanization. Poaching, hunting, introduction of exotic species, and pollution also contribute substantially to biodiversity loss. Marine life is also vulnerable to outside intervention such as extensive oil explorations.

Ten Most Wanted Endangered Species:

1. Siberian Tiger
2. Black Rhino
3. Orangutan
4. Moloccan Cockatoo
5. Giant Panda
6. Asiatic Black Bear
7. Hawskill Sea Turtle
8. Bog Turtle
9. Orinoco Crocodile
10. Brazilian Rosewood

Why Save An Endangered Species?

1. Plants and animals provide us with food, clothing and shelter.
2. Plants supply nearly one quarter of the world’s pharmaceuticals.
3. Plants and animals play a critical role in maintaining the delicate balance of ecosystems upon which all life depends.
4. Plants and animals provide us a sense of day-to-day continuity that is vital in maintaining a sense of security in the world. Many of us would agree with me that simply by virtue of their existence, plants and animals with which we share the Earth have an inherent worth aside from usefulness they offer us and thus have a right to continued existence.

Humankind too is threatened by the irretrievable loss of species, ecosystems, gene pools and ecological processes. On the verge of extinction we have to do our share. If species continue to disappear at the present rate, many will be gone and we too will be gone forever.

What Can We Do To Prevent the Loss of Biodiversity?

1. Educate the youth on the economic value of biodiversity.
2. Participate in the conservation and protection of biodiversity.
3. Plant trees that entice birds, bees, butterflies and other animals.
4. Provide habitats for birds, bees, and butterflies in the house yard. Include adequate food and water to encourage species to stay.
5. Follow the regulations on harvesting, collection, transport, and trade of species


  1. “No Man is an Island.”
    Yeah! It’s true. Everyone needs company to enjoy the trip of his life. With this, life is in a balance platform. But there were some instances imbalance occurs. Man destined to live with nature and with the animals attached on it. But the mind of the mankind thinks wide and deep trying to become higher as our deity God. He explores and ruined everything. He destroyed the nature and animals are affected. Before, people lived with the animals but through the continuous destruction of their shelter, there might be a possible that we live all alone.
    They become tyrant by the man’s ruin invasion. We tend to be deaf to hear their shoutful agony. We tend to be blind to see that their eyes got palsied by the surge of running watery years and we never let ourselves to drift on it.
    Species from different organism is said to be the barometer of the condition of our environment, and in our present time the widespread of the endangered condition of animals got so fast, thus it shows that the condition of our environment is so critical. All we have to do is to be sensible of what the other living organisms right to live.

  2. Those hunter are pain in the head. they hunt those endangered species because they are rare, they will sale it in a big amount of money. like the tusks of the elephant, the shell of the turtle, the fangs of the tiger, the skin of the crocodile and so on...

    Everyone said are we not going to help the endangered species? are we going to see them only in the history book?

    that's the word i always remember when the endangered species is always tackle about.

    do not kill them, let them live freely.

  3. I salute the show Wild Life hosted by Richard Guttierez. The show demonstrates the present state of our wild life. On its latest episode, they point out some illegal practices humanities do in connection in this creature. People hunt wild life to be their livelihood. Buyers take it in three reasons; make it a pet, preserving it to make it another household decoration and the worst is for consuming it by means of eating.
    We can’t blame those people because this is the only thing they knew to survive. As they say “Survival of the fittest,” and unfortunately wild life is weaker than human armed with technology. The two characters here are just a victim of poverty which is one of the greatest problem world’s facing today. This is due of lack of education, unemployment because of unbalance allocation of government assets.
    As a future accountant and a citizen concerned with nature and wild life, people on the position should pledge in the productivity of the nation not of oneself. We should know that even a centavo is material in saving our environment. If people decide to save wild life it doesn’t mean that they are turning back unto modernization because the can be reach hand in hand. Instead of using technology in threatening wild species, we can use it to befriending them and preserving them alive in the future.
    Still, it is on the people’s perspective. Do you want your children to just imagine those endangered species and just looking it by the picture or having those species alive for another wonderful experience everyone should be part of?

  4. A creature like plants and animals were created by God for a purpose of making our ecosystem balance and to add a sense of beauty to our mother nature. In the Philippines, we have a great biodiversity of wild life. But as time passes many of them were becoming endangered because of the work of unkind man who knows nothing but to destroy their habitats. Because of this, some animals are migrating, some are dying, and so of the rest. I’m glad that here in the Philippines, the DENR, and other animal concerned groups were responsibly taking care of our wild life and some endangered species, but the responsibility is not only on them it’s also on us, we should take the first step of taking good care of them and conserving them. Let’s all be a concerned and responsible citizen of the world.

    Gerold Viguilla
    BSA 2-22

  5. "Life is a gift from God."

    This cliche only proves that anything in this world that has life is essential. Even though they are animals or plants still they have purpose in this world. Abusing their existence will soon gave us the consequences we don't like to experience. Those endangered species must be given more extra care because someday we will realize that without them the world would not be complete. Moreover, those species that still growing more must be take cared well or appreciate its existence and not be the cause of becoming endangered of it.

    "Humankind too is threatened by the irretrievable loss of species, ecosystems, gene pools and ecological processes. On the verge of extinction we have to do our share. If species continue to disappear at the present rate, many will be gone and we too will be gone forever."

    From this paragraph in the article it only awakens us the reality that without other species in this world we can't survive because it's the process of give and take. We must widen our knowledge about endangered species and be a part of making their lives longer.

    Roxanne C. Torreflores
    BSA 2-2D

  6. Animals fills a great part in the earth's ecosystem. As this blog states, animals play different roles that ensure great benefit to humankind.

    As a future accountant,I am about to deal on different product and services that the company might offer. We can never assure that our company might perform well if it will depend the whole industry on the manpower alone. Everything follows a cycle and we are never an island that can stand by ourselves. Biodiversity deals a great help on humankind particularly on our daily lives and our industries. By this reason, great care on our ecosystem will soon return the benefit on us.

    Aya Medina
    BSA 2-22D

  7. Every species in these world contemplates to ones life, it may be a parasite but still it has a role in this world.. must present in nature so that there will be no scarcity of resources for man, and man in return should take care of these species in order to survive..

    i envy those who experienced to see the extinct creatures and the endangered species.. i hope i can see them before they vanished from this world..and i can't imagine those species gone with the wind in this world..

    I hope, we all take responsibility of protecting of those species..its a gift from God that we must all cherish..

    Jonazer S. Balanay
    BCR 3-1

  8. Existing as a fact, numbers and types of different species we, present people are knowledgeable about are much less than the genetic variations between species that have existed as life began. But, as I have read this, I was alarmed that only one percent of all the species given rise to at the start are living at the present time!

    I thought that the problem of extinction is not that serious because all I know is that it is a normal happening to species especially to wildlife and only needs little attention from us. It never crossed my mind that the brink of extinction is one of the environmental problems needing great notice from us, from those concerned, and especially, the government.

    This is all due to carelessness and inattentiveness of us of the sake of other group of life’s living. We do not treat animals the right way we have to treat them. We have to give them shelter but what we unfortunately do is the reverse, intentionally, or even unintentionally.

    What I hope for us people now is that we do our parts even in very little ways to help preserve the lives of animals and plants that now exist.
    We should always think of others, people, or even animals and plants because like us, these are all creations of God and has the equal rights of us to live.

    Moraga, Sheena Fae N.
    BSA 2-2D

  9. We humans are created by God to protect his creation because of our capacity to think of what is right and what is wrong.

    It is very sad knowing that we humans are the one responsible of the extinction of plants and animals. Due to our negligence, we make other specie to be erase in this God-given world. We are being controlled by money, wealth and other material things in this world and can do anything in change for it. We are superior of all God's creation but why do we make the gravest and the worst mistakes?

  10. People cannot predict how important a spicies may be in the future. Yet hundreds of organisms are at risk of extinction every day. What might life be like today if the Penicillium mold had been wiped out because it spoils fruit? Unfortunately, humans may have already destroyed many of the unique plants and animals that might have supplied treatments for disease or crops that may have defeated world hunger.

    Humans are natural product of nature. However, because of our increasing demands for food, energy, technology, people will continue to have greater impact on the environment than any other species in the history of the earth.

    Often people are unaware of what they have done until it is too late to undo the damage.

    Noemi M. De Mesa

  11. extinction of these species will affect us as well. they help a lot to our environment. besides that, they are part of earth, they are counted as our brothers and sisters. isn't it rude that we are the ones who caused their extinctions?

    we must all be aware of what is happening to our environment. this is where we live. we must take care of every little thing that lives here.

    let's just keep this in mind, if those species can be extinct after centuries of living on earth, we too are possoble to be extinct if we will not control this extinction today.

    Joanah Marie M. Songsong
    BAPR 1-1n

  12. Don't let animals extinct because they have an importance in our lives! they help us in Food chain and in many things.

    May Ann Merino
    BSED 1-3d

  13. For all the creations God has a plan.We have to give more important for all the things that give greatest contribution in or life.To give significance for all the things, specially the endangered animals we have to protect it,we have to help for its survival most importantly are the youth that will take care of them in the future.

  14. animals is one of the creations of god. so don't treat them in a harsh way. they are a big haelp to us.

  15. this blog inform and encourage people.
    It informing people because it states what is a endangered species and it encourage people by explaining why we save an endangered species

  16. Lahat ng nabubuhay dito sa mundo ay dapat nating bigyan ng pagpapahalaga dahil tulad natin, may buhay din sila na may karapatan na mabuhay dito sa mundo at upang hindi patayin, pahirapan at ibenta sa mahal na halaga. Tulad ng tao ay nasasaktan din sila, kung nakakapagsalita lang sila tulad ng isang tao ay marami silang hinaing sa atin.

    Tilbe Jr., Oscar Y.
    BSEd 1-3D

  17. we should think that were the only one who lives on earth. God creates us together with other things because each of us has a role. God gave us the ability to think for us to take care other lives not to dominate or rule them.

    simon gomez
    BSEd 1-3D

  18. GOD created the earth not only for all people to live but he also created other living things that human can use in everyday activities and even to survive.
    people use some animals for their purpose as a help in some activities,but we are not aware that those animals are becoming lessen, because we think only how their being use we doesn't even care for them.

    Andres Carlo Adic
    BSBA-MM, I-6N

  19. Endangered species is one of our problem here in earth because maybe next millennium, our children they cannot see anymore that's why we protect them and grow their species.

    Myka Junary Matias
    BSBA-MM 1-6N

  20. A species is endangered when it is threatened with extinction. Since time began, countless species have gone extinct from natural processes. The extinction of dinosaurs is the best known example.

    Today most species of plants and animals become extinct because of habitat destruction (loss of living space to development or pollution), introduction of non-native organisms, and direct killing (over-harvesting, poisoning).

    Johna M. Burcel

  21. Lots of animal became extinct over the years. It’s sad that I don’t have a chance to see them kicking and alive. And now, there are more animals that are considered as endangered species. And if this problem continues, I think, God forbid, humans will be next to extinction. :(

    Denisse C. Mendoza
    BSBA MM 1-2D

  22. As the reason that we occupied even the shelter of the animals like forest that we built infrastructural buildings to live in.Their home has been gone and for that reason it can cause their habitat and the worse thing is they become endangered or even get extinct.

    So as human kind with the responsibility to use and preserved the give of god we must equally shared the blessings of the lord since we are not the only one who occupy and live here in this world.And we are responsible for caring other living things that gods created.

  23. My mother used to tell me lots of things that they experienced in their younger years. She used to tell those things that I can’t remember I have seen in this world. The reason why I have not seen these because most men in our world get them for profit or to supply their daily needs.

    We are now in our new generation, and yet we still ignore the fact that we are losing the animals that also created by the Creator. He made them for He know that we will need them and they will balance the cycle of ecology. But because of our negligence, the poor species are suffering in our being selfishness.

    Floro, Abygail S.
    BSED 1-3D

  24. Extinctions are a natural part of evolutionary processes, but through most of the history of life on Earth, biological diversity has been increasing but most of the causes of species decline relate to the activities of human beings. And because of us, human beings, many more species are in danger of becoming extinct if we do not act quickly to conserve them.


  25. It is so sad that there are animals which may become extinct in the following days, months, or years. These animals or creatures are God's gift to us, so we should took care of them. Let us conserve these creatures and give them a habitat. We should not make money on them. If these creatures will be gone, we cannot bring back its life. Let's took care of them as if we take care of our loved ones.

    Raphael Benedict Chan
    BSBA-HRDM 1-2

  26. Our climate is one of the factors why some animals become extinct because some are only for cold weather and vice versa. If people continue to destroy our environment, many will really be endangered species. Yes, we should protect them because they give us benefits. We are the ones that needs them and they need us too, by taking care of them we are giving them a chance to live a life that they deserve. Not everything can be maintain with its own like the trees. They need people so that they can be improved not destroyed. These endangered species are the true wonders of our world. They should be protected and we should really take care of them. We must work hand in and in protecting the world's finest. It isn't everyday that we see such creatures that actually give us our essentials.

    Evangeline Rose Q. Mendoza
    BSBA HRDM 1-4N

  27. Our country have lots of species and they are now decreasing as time goes by. People hunt animals for them to have food to eat but are they aware that by hunting and eating those species will someday gone into nothing? Taking care of those endangered species is necessary for us human because God gave them to us in this world so that cycles and chains must take place. We should be aware and be reminded about those endangered species. In order to save them the steps above must be done by us. Every living creature in this world is important in our life and environment.

  28. The lost of our endangered species are continously happening. People don't see the importance of the in our ecosystem .If this continue to happen, and if there's no animals left ..what will happen to the next generation ?.To Our future children ?.THey wil have no longer a chance to see them if they are completely lost .

    BSBA_HRDM 1-4n

  29. Maybe the first reason why these species are endangered is because of the hunters. hunters hunt them down for them to sell or eat. Now even the human kind are endagered. I only know that the indians from america were extinct after the europeans conquered their lands. We should help each other to prevent losses.

    Patricia Marie Daita
    HRDM 1-4N

  30. I think we also caused the extinction of different species.. Because of man's abuse to the environment many of them affected.. We should open our eyes and ears to the effect of our acts..

  31. there's so many creatures that God created. we must help to keep them alive and let them multiply by themselves so that the next generation can still see and observe them.

  32. Examines the premise that at various times in the past, many species have become extinct as a result of natural, rather than human, processes. We should not blame all of this to human race even though
    some extinction occurred because of man. But still we're responsible in taking care of them. Environmental change is still the primary cause of the extinction of animals, but now the changes are only greatly accelerated by human’s activity.

    There are millions and millions of animals that are endangered as we speak. The cause of endangered species is because of our habitat destruction. This threatened the greatest number of species. They must be saved and protected so future generations can experience their values.

    ramos micko kyle
    bsba-hrdm 1-4n

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  35. Every animal are important and need each other to balance the nature. We should stop destroying their home to prevent them to be extinct. We should cooperate with the government to caught the hunters of endangered species and the persons who buy it because when no one will buy, no one will hunt. We should protect them to make them reach to the next generations.

    John Lester Cruz
    BSA 2-20D

  36. Everything in the world is needed to have a balance in ecosystem and plants and animals is one of them. If the plants and animals continue to be extinct and eventually gone the balance of ecosystem will be destroyed, so what we must do is to protect it from being extinct. People are the reason why they become extinct but the good news is we can also be the reason why they can be saved.

    Cherry Mae Bartolome
    BSA 2-20

  37. Less number of species is such a destroying thing. Our ecosystem must be balanced so we must stop killing animals and even our nature so that our goals for our country will come true for they are part of it helping us in reaching these goals and making us proud to be a Filipino.

    Ryan Neil Fetilo
    BSA 2-20

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  39. Many people have forgotten about the animals of this planet and wouldn't care if another animal came to extinction. Indeed people become self-centered as if they are the only God's creature living in this world. Every animal has a reason and place here on earth. We must protect them from completely vanishing as well as the environment. Plants and animals are treasures that should be save from harm cause it is them that provide our basic necessities in life. We could think first about the effects before letting them destroyed.

    Abegail Cuesta
    BSA 2-20

  40. it is possible to protect endangered species by voluntarily taking steps to conserve endangered plants and animals on their land.
    because they plays an important part in our ecosystem.

  41. Every living thing on Earth is created with the same amount of love. No matter what type of being each organism is, we exist in order to conserve our planet. We may be the most intelligent creations of God but that does not give us the right to shape the Earth on the way we wanted it to be. Animals and plants also have life and we must protect and nurture them. We must coexist with them because that is what we are supposed to be doing. Let us not wait for the time when we can only see our fellow living being on pictures and videos. Let us extinct the further extinction of our biodiversity.

  42. A part of it is also our fault. We are destroying their homes like the oceans and seas or the forests. They also need homes where they can stay at and where they are free. Keeping them in cages like in the wild life is not a solution. What the solution, is to let them have their freedom and take care of them.

  43. Preserving endangered species is very important, because it saves our native fish, plants and wildlife from going extinct. Once they are gone, they are gone forever and there is no going back. Losing even a single species can have disastrous impacts on the rest of the ecosystem, because the effects will be felt throughout the food chain. From providing cures to deadly diseases to maintaining natural ecosystems and improving overall quality of life, the benefits of preserving threatened and endangered species are invaluable.

  44. An endangered species is a population of organisms which is at risk of becoming extinct because it is either few in numbers, or threatened by changing environmental or predation parameters. The conservation status of a species is an indicator of the likelihood of that endangered species not living. Many factors are taken into account when assessing the conservation status of a species; not simply the number remaining, but the overall increase or decrease in the population over time, breeding success rates, known threats, and so on. And as human beings, we must do our best to save these endangered animals. They are also made by God, and humans were created for them to take care of all the things He made.

  45. Nature is a part of our lives-- we also need every single thing in it for without them, there will be no balance in the ecosystem and we will be put into a predicament. We should all help in the prevention of the gradual loss of the endangered species... after all, it is our responsibility to take good care of them and all other organisms here on earth.

    BPS 2-1

  46. Plants and animals hold medicinal, agricultural, ecological, commercial and aesthetic/recreational value. Endangered species must be protected and saved so that future generations can experience their presence and value. We must be educated to know how to take care of the endanger species in our environment so that we can help preventing them from extinction.

    Abegail Vina R. Gallardo
    BSA 2-9D

  47. There are many endangered species nowadays and also there is a loss of their biodiversity, the reasons vary from the overuse of resource by humans, climate change, fragmented habitats, habitat destruction, ocean acidification and more. We must teach ourselves on how to take good care of them and also as a human we have the ability to protect their biodiversity. A healthy biodiversity provides a number of natural services for everyone. We must protect the endangered species to maintain the balance of our nature, species depend on each other if happens there is a loss of one there is a possibility that the other species depending on them would also not survive. We must also protect their biodiversity because this is where they live, we must also conserve this to maintain the balance of our environment.
    BAPR 2-2D

  48. Nowadays, there are a lot of animals that are nearly extinct. Providing an extensive plan to protect them must be done as early as now for us to restore the balance in ecosystems around the world.

    Igne, John Paul A
    BAPR 2-2D

  49. The number of endangered species is increasing. We should act and help them before they become extinct or be erased on the face of the Earth. Why should we be bothered? It is because it is our business on letting them reproduce and live in their habitat. I think laws on animal cruelty should be made of iron hands so that illegal hunters and black market dealers of these species be scared to break the law. Government officials should move and implement laws regarding these matters.

  50. There are times when people overstep their boundaries. This is one of them. We, as humans, should be the one to take care of the ecosystems. It is our intellect and superiority over lesser animals that give us the duty to protect them. And yet we use this superiority to hunt them to extinction. Though some animals are understood to be extinct because of geographical and societal norms, there are those animals that just don't deserve extinction. Perhaps it is survival of the fittest, and these animals are not fit in an environment with humans, so what we need to do is cope, so that we could live with animals without hurting one another.

    Marc Eivan Sabater
    ABE 2-1

  51. We humans prove many times that we are more dangerous compared to animals. One poof is this. Nowadays we humans are annihilating nature's precious most creatures. Instead of hunting and hurting them, we must let them in their natural habitat. On that way, we can protect them from further harm.

    Kenneth N. Magtaos
    ABE 2 - 3

  52. We should be alarmed, the fact that endangered species are now increasing. We need to make an action before they will gone totally. If this will happen we'll feel guilt and ashamed for we didn't make anything that would help them be saved and protected. It will be an embarrassment for us to God for He created those species for our sake but what we did is just ignore and let them gone. So as early as now make a move and no regrets.

    Princess Regine V. Andres
    BLIS 4-1

  53. "Endangered Species" are one of the environmental problems that should be given attention for not being so popular but abused evenly. We're not too educated about this matter so it is not given more actions to prevent the endangered species from fearful extinction. As a responsibility of a student and future information literate we must spread the knowledge about this matter to give the desired information and to achieve a goal that was being aimed for a very long time. Every living thing has a right to live even if it is a small insect or grass for they have a role in ecosystem balance where the humans gets the benefit of it.

    Joseph Roland S. Hernandez
    BLIS 4-1

  54. Nowadays the number of endangered species are increasing that is why we must be awaken and do some actions on how we can help in conserving this species especially the plants and animals. These species are very important in our living in terms of food, shelter and even in medicine. As a future librarian we must have an advocacy to inform our users about the conservation of these endangered species, so that everyone will be aware of what is happening to our environment.

    Rocxan A. Flores
    BLIS 4-1

  55. I always liked the tv documentation, "Born to be wild" of GMA news TV. It tackles about all types of animals including the endangered species that can be seen here in our country. And sadly, most of them are nearly in the brink of extinction because of loss of their natural habitat that are caused by humans. Like global warming and climate change, it is also an alarming issue that we should be aware of. We must educate ourselves about the loss of biodiversity and all the environmental issues that we are currently facing for us to save not only the endangered species or the environment but also the humankind.

    Aicelle Cabillan
    BLIS 4-1

  56. 'Time magazine referred to the staggering loss of biological diversity as the “death of birth.”' Not only it is the 'death of birth' but also the "birth of death". Because all of us are interrelated to each other. Bottomline, the loss of biodiversity if the loss of life. As future librarians, we can help prevent the loss of biodiversity by distributing information to our clients. JANINA KATE CARCILLAR BLIS 4-1

  57. Endangered species refers to different species of organisms which are having a high risk of extinction. We should not just protect our environment but also the animals because they are also made of God. Every living thing has a great value and importance, as the caretaker of our Mother Earth we should protect and save animals especially to those that are endangered. Like in the library, special collections must be handled and preserved properly because it contains rare information regarding the history of particular subject and also in the archives section which serves as the repository of important documents and other physical means.

    Richelle B. Tilla-in
    BLIS 4-1

  58. Endangered species are those in small numbers that in a period of time they would become extinct because their environment was changed. Species extinction and loss of biodiversity is one of our environmental problems. The cause is loss of habitat due to growing populations and unsustainable resource use due to burning of forests, illegal logging, land conversion and inappropriate development in coastal areas for urbanization. Hunting of endangered species and pollution also contribute to biodiversity loss. Marine life is also affected because of oil spills. We need to save plants, animals and its biodiversity because it provides us with food, clothing and shelter on which all life depends. If they disappear, we cannot survive and we will also be extinct. We can prevent the loss of biodiversity by educating the youth on the value of biodiversity, participate in the conservation and protection of biodiversity, plant trees that entice other animals, provide habitats for animals if you see one and follow environmental laws relating to hunting and collecting of species. We must consider that we do not break the laws protecting the species. As a future librarian, we could plant trees in library surrounding that would be a habitat for birds and butterflies. It can contribute to the appearance of our library and importantly we are helping different species in our environment because due to urbanization their habitat are disturb and at least we can replace it.

    Reynafe F. Montejo BLIS 4-1